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A platform created by Grupo Carrillo.

At Grupo Carrillo we have a specific department dedicated to culture, and from which we respond to the specific needs detected in the different areas of the cultural sector.

We are perfectly aware of the distinctive features and characteristics of such a unique world of cultural and creative industries. For this reason, we have staff specialised in legal, labour, tax, business and fundraising matters for different types of cultural agents, operating in various fields: music, performing arts and audiovisuals, among others.

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What is Fun & Money?

What kind of guarantees does it have?

Why is Fun and Money important for companies?

What are the different forms of financing proposed by Fun&Money?

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What is Fun & Money?

t is the first cultural sponsorship site that links cultural projects with companies and individuals, created by Carrillo Asesores, as a result of the increase in cultural projects that have been routed to our firm, as well as due to the rise in private companies interested in sponsorship.

What kind of guarantees does it have?

In addition to the broad experience acquired in the audiovisual sector and in attracting benefactors on new types of projects, this platform is subsidised by the Ministry of Culture and Sport. It has been defined by the Ministry as one of the 5 best projects of Modernisation and Innovation of the Cultural Industries of 2019.

Why is Fun and Money important for companies?

In Fun&Money, companies can discover cultural projects aligned with their target audience, contributing to the cultural life and growth of their country, and benefiting from the most profitable fun through different forms of funding.

What are the different forms of financing proposed by Fun&Money?

  • Patronage and use of tax incentives: patrons of cultural projects hosted on the platform get, at least, a tax deduction of 120% on each contribution they make.


  • Sponsorship and greater visibility: brands achieve greater visibility through new advertising formats in the projects linked.


  • Obtaining significant returns through participation of results: for those individuals and firms attracted by the entertainment business model, there is the option of associating with the producers and promoters of cultural projects to participate in their exploitation.

  • Promotion of corporate social responsibility: companies participating in Fun&Money promote Corporate Social Responsibility, since, as benefactors of cultural projects, they create a competitive difference by improving the cultural wealth of their sphere of influence.

  • Other collaborations and agreements with artists and creators.

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