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Offering global legal advice to our clients for the protection of their intangible assets is our goal!

Growing hand in hand with you and supporting you on the road to success is one of our main satisfactions. We always walk with you.


We at Carrillo Asesores offer specialised professionals to assess you.

We will give you the most suitable form within this type of rights. We will guide you to obtain the registration in the corresponding area within the various possibilities offered by our legislation. We will create tailor-made contracts, either to make use of third party rights, or to allow the exploitation by third parties of your own rights, giving you in any case a total legal coverage in defence of these issues.


How long does the registration take?

When do the registrations expire?

How much does it cost? (fees)

What do we include?

Spain, Europe or worldwide?

Reasons for choosing CARRILLO ASESORES?

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How long does the registration take?

Trademark: approximately 6 months

Patent and utility model: 12 to 36 months.

Industrial Design: 6 to 8 months

Intellectual Property: from 4 to 6 months

When do the registrations expire?

Trademark: 10 years renewable for equal periods

Patent: 20 years

Utility model: 10 years

Industrial Design: 5 years, renewable for equal periods up to a maximum of 25 years.

Intellectual property: for the life of the author and 75 years after his death.

How much does it cost? (fees)

Spanish Trademark 126 Euros

European Trademark 850 Euros (28 countries)

Spanish Patent between 1200 Euros and 3800 Euros depending on the different examinations and reports deemed necessary by the SPTO.

Spanish Industrial Design 75 Euros

European Design 1500 Euros (28 countries)

Intellectual Property 37 Euros natural person, 82 euros legal person 


What do we include?

Our fees for processing the registration include the prior examination to avoid debates with previously registered rights of third parties. Our fees also include the filing of pleadings, if necessary, in the event of oppositions filed by third parties, as well as any appeals in administrative proceedings that may be necessary to obtain the registration of the trademark.

Spain, Europe or worldwide?

It is up to the client to decide. It depends on their initial economic capacity and their marketing projection.

From Spain we can process the registration of trademarks, designs and patents in Spain through the “SPTO”. We can also process through “EUIPO” the European trademark and the European design, which will be valid in 28 countries. This will allow us to oppose attempts to register new trademarks or designs from any of these countries. However, we will not have the legal capacity to sue in those countries, and we will only be able to make legal claims in Spain, against companies with a registered office or delegation in our country.

We can also process worldwide patents through the PCT system. This system has a prior international examination process, which lasts about 12 months. At that time we can designate in which countries we want to be registered, and we can choose any of the 117 countries that are part of the system.

Reasons for choosing CARRILLO ASESORES?

We are the ones to include the entire procedure related to registry in a fixed price. The APIs charge for each action, for processing, for pleading, for opposing, for appealing... The idea is to offer the client the whole performance clearly from the start.

On a general level, our distinctive value is our customer-oriented philosophy. We do consider that the client is not to be treated as just another number or just another file.

We want to get involved into our client’s business, offer synergies with other clients and go hand in hand on the road to business success. Carrillo’s portfolio of top clients is the best reward that proves our efficiently professional assessment leading to success. In fact, now we want to help others to reach those heights.


We tell you the first steps from the idea to the right of industrial or intellectual property.


Our first task will be to receive your inputs and advise you in order to provide you with the protection that best suits your project, offering you a registration service for the following intangible assets:

  • Trademarks and trade names: to protect the sale of products and services.

  • Patents and utility models: to protect your inventions and technical solutions.

  • Industrial designs: to protect your sketches

  • Intellectual property: to protect your works and creations, as well as your software or         applications.

  • Business secrecy: to protect your know-how, your processes and your confidential information.

Commercialisation. we accompany you in the crowdfunding phases, drawing up licensing contracts for the exploitation of your intangible assets or assignment contracts, in the event that your project does not foresee exploitation on your own, or drawing up the contracts with clients or suppliers that your business may require. If you also need help from third parties to develop your business, we will draw up service contracts for you, and the confidentiality agreements you may need to guarantee the protection of your assets.

Comprehensive legal protection before the Spanish courts. We provide you with a team of lawyers who are experts in the procedural area, who will take care of protecting your rights. You will have us at your side to take legal action against any attempt to infringe your trademark, or against any violation of your patent or utility model, or against any copy of your designs. We act both in the commercial and criminal areas to defend you against competitors who try to take undue advantage of your registered rights.

Protection against infringements committed abroad. In the event of attempts by foreign companies to infringe your rights by introducing products onto the market that reproduce or imitate your distinctive signs, your designs or your inventions, we will file a complaint on your behalf and contact the competent authority to stop the entry of materials into our borders through customs. With these actions we do not only prevent the entry into Spain of counterfeit products, but we also collaborate with the authorities to improve and guarantee the legality of the products offered in our market.

Technology transfer. When your intangible assets have achieved the success expected, you can consider transferring, licensing or transferring them. The same applies if your business is based on the exploitation of intangible assets of third parties. You will need advice on negotiation and assistance in drafting contracts, but moreover it will be essential to be clear about the true value of your assets. To facilitate this process, we provide you with our asset valuation system.

Business secrecy. Since 2019, we have a new protection tool for our clients, the Trade Secrets Act. Through this means we can offer a new form of protection to our clients, for those cases in which the nature of the intangible asset they wish to protect requires that the content of their asset not be publicised or disclosed. We will take charge of drawing up the necessary protection measures to guarantee the secrecy of your company's knowledge, we will also create the protocols that allow its use without breaking its confidential nature, which will include physical or telematic access systems, proposals for forms of access identification, and legal measures that guarantee the correct compliance with these protocols.

Reach out for us, we help you with your intellectual property needs.

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