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Equality Plan (IMP) – SMEs take over the same measures applicable to large companies

Finally, we can say that small and medium-sized companies are equal to large and MACRO companies. In fact, from now on and in 2022, COMPANIES WITH 50 EMPLOYEES will be obliged to draw up an EQUALITY PLAN.

This obligation comes from the Royal Decree 6/2019, which we already highlighted in our post: Approved the Royal Decree-Law on equality in employment.

Here are some tips that allow you taking on this challenge without losing sight of your bottom line...

Tips for the development of an Equality Plan

  1. The Equality Plan is a set of measures, adopted after carrying out a diagnosis of the situation, aimed at achieving equal treatment and opportunities between women and men in the company and eliminating discrimination based on gender.

  2. Companies currently obliged to implement the Equality Plan: Companies with more than 150 workers. Or companies that are called small and medium-sized companies, SMEs, with a turnover of around 10 million euros.

  3. Advantages of undertaking these plans: Compliance with the law to AVOID sanctions. Obtain the equality DISTINCTIVE. Start walking on the path of Corporate Social Responsibility of your company. Reach a consensus with your team on the EMOTIONAL WAGE.

Phases of the Equality Plan to be fulfilled

1 - Equality Committee

It is recommended that the equality commission is composed of people with decision-making capacity within the company. Contribution to the elaboration, development and monitoring of the Equality Plan will be among their competence.

2 - Diagnosis

The diagnosis consists of the quantitative and qualitative study of the company's situation through the exhaustive collection of data on the workforce and the company's personnel and employment policies, as well as the subsequent analysis and publication of these data.

3 - Salary Audit

This is information relating to the salary of a company's employees. It has the objective of identifying wage gaps and implementing measures to alleviate these possible differences.

4 - Implementation

Establish proposals and measures that lead the company, staff, employees and management team to integrate as their own, so that the company flows in equal opportunities for reasons of gender.

5 - Control, Monitoring and success of the Equality Plan

Last but not least, it will be necessary to check if the planned actions have been carried out within the timetable, if the infrastructure is adequate, or if it is adjusted to the established budget, or the degree of satisfaction of the target people, among other questions. Take our advice: an Equality Plan or any other business protocol kept in a legal drawer and which does not report anything to the teams, is useless.

In short, with this POST we invite you to do 2 things:

  1. Download from our website the free EBOOK that we have prepared for you so that you can start your own Equality Plan.

  2. Otherwise, if you don't know, don't want to, or don't have time for it, you can contact our CONSULTING team and we will arrange this for you, by your side, and accompanying you in this stage of business OPPORTUNITIES.

Reach out for us at with the SUBJECT < Equality Plan > and don't worry about the rest.

Under the assumptions that the options given do not satisfy your needs, then you can always dial our phone number +34 968 24 22 58. We will be delighted to support you, whatever your queries may be.


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