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Income Tax Return 2021

Radio Sureste Cope interviewed our colleague Antonio Juan Pérez-Madrid recently; they talked about one of the topics that currently raises a lot of headaches: THE INCOME TAX RETURN.

The Income Tax Campaign started on the 7th day of April and it will last until June 30th, 2021. Antonio brought news regarding the filing of the tax return. Those who have decided not to arrange this pursuit electronically now, have two options: by telephone or in person.

Options for filing the Income Tax Return 2021

Plan 1- By telephone: "We'll give you a call"

A brand-new stage in the Income Tax Return scenario just started, as the Tax Agency opened the period for requesting an appointment to file declarations over the phone, with an official from the agency.

Through the Plan “We’ll give you a call”, taxpayers can perform their tax returns with the Tax Office and have them filed. This new Plan maintains the reinforcement of its capacity provided in 2020 as a result of the pandemic situation. It is a new way of attending the same profile of taxpayers as previously with the traditional face-to-face service. The service is also offered to new Collectives, but now the applicants do not have to be present at the Tax Agency.

In order to enable this procedure by telephone, it is necessary to make an appointment, available from 4th May until 29th June, which can be requested via website (by identification with electronic ID, Cl@ve, digital certificate or reference number), on the Tax Agency's App or by calling 901121224, 915357326, 901223344 and 915530071. Once the taxpayer requests an appointment, the system proposes a day and time when the taxpayer will receive a call from the Agency official.

The telephone declarations commenced on May 6th, this was the day when the Inland Revenue started calling applicants. Several documents must be available to enable going ahead with the performance:

  • Reference number.

  • ID number (DNI) with its date of validity.

  • Field 505 of the 2019 tax return.

In the event of not having filed the tax return for the previous year, the last 4 digits of the applicant's current account will be requested.

Plan 2 - In person

Similarly, there is also the option of going to the Tax Agency, where the necessary questions before filing the tax return can be resolved. For this “In-person” option, the procedure will be carried out between 2nd and 30th of June, and it is also necessary to make an appointment between 27th May until 29th June.

These appointments can be made in the same way as by telephone, through the website (by identification with electronic ID card, Cl@ve, digital certificate or reference number), on the Tax Agency's App or by calling 901 22 33 44 and 91 553 00 71.

Several questions were answered during the interview, such as:

Could I make a draft of the income tax return, to check if the results come out as a refund or to pay, and can I refuse to submit the declaration?

Through the Tax Agency's website, you can indeed make this draft, review the appropriate data, and if you are not obliged to do so, then it would not be filed. But if you are obliged to declare, regardless of the result (positive, zero or negative), filing will be compulsory.

What are the reasons for a tax refund?

Initially, this happens when you had an excess of withholdings. There are also specific cases in which this result would occur, such as in the case of disability of a child or large family.

What about those Taxpayers who have to pay up?

It is the contrary to the previous case and occurs when the withholdings have been minimal.

Furthermore, in the case of the sale of a property and the sale of shares on which no withholdings are made, the result would be liable for payment.

Am I obliged to file a tax return if I sold my house last year?

In 99.99% of cases where there is a sale of a property, the tax authorities oblige to file a tax return, and you would become liable for payment if you obtained capital gains.

What happens if I refuse to file my tax return?

You will be penalised. You would have to pay the established amount plus the interest generated, plus the corresponding penalty.

Does this tax year include an important new feature for certain groups?

Yes, such is the case of recipients of the Minimum Vital Income (IMV) and those affected by “ERTE” (Temporary Unemployment Support), who must file a tax return.

In fact, in addition to the informative letters sent to both groups and the countless indications for these specific recipients, in the case of “ERTE” benefit recipients, the information available in the tax data is improved as the Tax Agency receives the updated data from the Public Employment Service.

If you still have doubts about the Income Tax Return, get in touch with us.

We at Carrillo Asesores will be delighted to help you.

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