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You have money saved, you don't know how to invest, or where or when is the best time to do it. You have doubts about how this money is taxed, where you should pay the taxes and how much it amounts, and above all you do not know the possible deductions that exist and if you can reduce the tax burden. We help you.


You are the de facto or legal administrator of a company, and you also have personal and possibly business assets, you do not know what your rights and obligations are, and above all the possible risks you have when making decisions. You are afraid, uncertain and need support and advice.


You need to plan the succession in an orderly manner to avoid your heirs paying a lot of taxes or avoid possible future inheritance conflicts, or on the contrary you want to disinherit a relative or improve a descendant. You want to have your security and peace of mind guaranteed and you need the best advice.


The customer comes first. Being a client of Carrillo Asesores:

Integral team


Tailor-made projects.

We adapt to your circumstances.

Fair and fixed prices

No surprises.

Continuous information

We grant our ongoing commitment.

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