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Check with a simple click if you are affected by the new e-commerce VAT regulations

Are you selling your products or providing your services to non-business or non-professional final consumers in other EU Member States?

Tentatively, you are not affected by the amendment of the VAT e-commerce regulation.

Are your transactions exceeding a total of 10.000 euros p.a. within the whole territory of the EU throughout the previous exercise, or during the current year?

You are not obliged to tax such income based on the VAT of the territory where you sell/supply services, and you may continue to do so in the territory of your effective business place.

You will have to tax this income on the basis of the VAT of the territory where these products/services are sold/supplied and not where you are effectively based. With the one-stop-shop system you are not required to register one by one in all EU countries.

Thanks for your message! We will come back to you in brief.

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