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Our aim is to reduce tax due and minimize your  tax burden in all aspects of taxation, studying and analysing both the most current legislation and all relevant aspects of the company with accurate fiscal and tax planning.

Approach and filing of all types of legal actions. Study and preparation of complex litigation that occurs within the company. Bankruptcy procedures, legal claims, etc.

We support the businessman, the partner, the administrator in all types of problems and/or legal decisions in the field of the company, Advice and preparation of judicial divisions of inheritances, drafting of complex wills, holding companies, business reorganizations, family protocols, etc.

We have a network of lawyers at a national and international level who will proactively resolve your legal doubts in the international arena, supporting you in all decisions and accompanying you in the process. Specialized advice to the board of directors, we help you professionalize your company, etc.

Borrosas Personas de Busines




For medium-sized companies that, due to their structure and workload, do not need an internal department but do have a continuous need for Legal Advice. ​ Grupo Carrillo has a large team of lawyers with years of experience in Commercial, Corporate, Corporate and Business Procedural Law, and a team of lawyers with highly business profiles, who will help you in the strategic plan of your company.

On-demand service

Cost more reduced

Absence of social and tax charges

Strategic Legal Advice for medium-sized companies

We help you identify the legal risks that your company may face and establish measures to prevent or manage them appropriately, and make strategic legal decisions, which can help maximize projection opportunities for your company. ​ Choosing Grupo Carrillo as your law firm means having a highly qualified, committed and efficient team, which will offer effective solutions adapted to the needs of your project.

Experience and knowledge

Service personalized


Technology and efficiency

Prices competitive


The customer comes first. Being a client of Carrillo Asesores:

Integral team


Tailor-made projects.

We adapt to your circumstances.

Fair and fixed prices

No surprises.

Continuous information

We grant our ongoing commitment.

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