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Business growth in a post Covid scenario

'Business growth in the post Covid era', is the tile of a conference recently maintained between Carrillo Asesores and the Mutual Guarantee Company Aválam. The speakers met at the headquarters of the Regional Confederation of Business Organisations (CROEM). The session was broadcasted by videoconference and mirrored on the need to take advantage of the current days of uncertainty to “invest and grow”.

It is time to invest for growth.

Summary of the talk about Business growth in a post-Covid era

Mr. José María Albarracín, President of the employers' association CROEM, opened the talk. Encouraging companies to leave behind moments of hesitation about the pandemic situation and about "getting vaccinated”, -both real and figuratively- in order to move forward with growth, was Mr. Albarracin’s first milestone.

Albarracín defined Carrillo Asesores as a "safe bet" and the Company Aválam as a strategic partner for business organisations and companies.

Main advantages of the Holding

Economist Antonio Pérez Madrid and Lawyer Soraya Martínez López, both pertaining to the team of Carrillo Asesores, highlighted the advantages of structuring business groups as holding companies. They named its main benefits as:

  • Protecting both personal and business assets.

  • Saving financing and tax costs.

  • Providing the entrepreneur with tax and legal advantages.

Pérez Madrid considered that only a professionalization of companies and their restructuring under the holding company formula would facilitate their stable and sustainable growth.

Soraya Martínez López, head of the Extra-procedural Legal Department of Carrillo Asesores, exposed the constantly increasing number of "far-sighted entrepreneurs" who turn to consultancy before starting new activities or investing in real estate, while seeking for models to do so in a more efficient fiscal and legal way.

Spreading risk through holding companies

One of the great advantages of the holding structure is "risk diversification", the lawyer emphasized. This prevents the contingencies of one company from affecting the rest of the companies. It also makes it easier to provide liquidity through capital increases without affecting the equity of other group companies.

Other advantages of holding companies

The lawyer also highlighted other benefits of holding companies:

  • The possibility of bringing in new partners in a specific activity.

  • From a legal point of view, securing and facilitating business succession.

Credit lines and guarantees for SMEs and self-employed professionals

Luis Alonso Mármol, commercial director of Aválam, presented the various lines of credit and guarantees for investment in innovation, sustainability and digitalisation, as well as to provide liquidity to SMEs and the self-employed entrepreneurs affected by the economic impact caused by the healthcare crisis.

The Aválam executive presented this mutual guarantee company as a non-profit financial institution subject to the supervision and control of the Bank of Spain. Its mission is to facilitate access to financing for SMEs and the self-employed. It achieves this by improving contracting conditions.

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